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Perfection rejection

So many cease to be perfect. If we were all perfect who would decide what was perfect seeing as what’s perfect to me may be flawed to you. Assuming guidelines for what’s perfect and what is not would be established by a person or a few people for everyone, much like governments today, would you be perfect to you? Would we all be ourselves or would we be the perfection of someone else? would we be allowed to chose who we would want to be if everyone was “perfect”.
We are imperfect as we are free.

Shes got wonder in her eyes and the taste of curiosity on her tongue for all the beautiful people she’s never met and all the majestic places she’s never been. she’s got the soul of a gypsy and the mind of a old classic book. And although she hardly tends to smile these days when she does you know she’s magic.
Me myself and I

They was gettin it…. All night long.

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